What is MyFreeTaxes?

United Way partners with H&R Block to provide its Premium online tax filing software to help people easily and accurately file their federal and state taxes through MyFreeTaxes if they earned $66,000 or less in 2019. Filers can easily access MyFreeTaxes.com from their computer or the palm of their hand and can file federal and up to three state returns for free.


What makes MyFreeTaxes Unique from other Products?

  • MyFreeTaxes is the only national online free tax preparation service operated by a nonprofit.
  • We never offer upsells to the filer.
  • MyFreeTaxes provides more forms and guidance than any other free product on the market. The 2019 version of includes beyond basic forms for any complex filing situations. You can view the full list of state and federal forms supported here.


Things you should know about MyFreeTaxes

  1. The income cap is $66,000 AGI for individuals and families
  2. 80% of filers finish their taxes in less than 1 hour!
  3. “Bring on the complex returns” MyFreeTaxes uses H&R Block’s Premium Software meaning users have access to most state and federal forms.
  4. We have the same guarantees from H&R Block-100% accurate returns, maximum refund, and top of the line security.
  5. MyFreeTaxes is completely mobile optimized, the taxpayer can file seamlessly between their phone, tablet, or computer. The software includes a refund reveal during the entire filing process so the taxpayer can see any changes throughout the process. A filer can snap a secure picture on their mobile device through the software to upload and auto-fill their tax documents.
  6. The MyFreeTaxes logo will be displayed on the top left corner of every page during the filing process. This helps filers know they are in our product versus H&R Block’s paid software.
  7. United Way and H&R Block have offered MyFreeTaxes for 10 years!